The Sickest “Healthy” Person I Know is……Me.

It was a stunning moment of truth, when my doctor walked me through over a dozen lab reports, nearly all of which disclosed the ugly truth.  The vibrant health I thought I enjoyed was a myth.  There was a reason I felt drained, and, well, lifeless.  A reason, I felt like I had aged a decade in a few short years.

For years I was the “model” of good health – thin, relatively active, vegetarian for nearly a decade, morning green smoothies, no alcohol or recreational drugs.

Hmmm, maybe I’ve been missing out on “life” for nothing?

I was the one holding down the office while everyone else called in sick with the “flu du jour”, side-stepping most colds, never even having stitches or an ankle sprain.

Not that my doctor gave me a scary diagnosis like cancer, diabetes, MS, thank God.  But those potential conditions now loomed ominously on my horizon, if I didn’t take action.

In some respects, it might almost be preferable to put a name to this demon, lurking inside, stealing my energy and zest for life.  Instead, there is an army of them, some with unfamiliar names, even with my training as a health coach.  Gut dysbiosis, SIBO, liver dysfunction (you say, methyl – what?!), HPA axis dysfunction (ie., my body was in a constant state of stress), heavy metal toxins (mercury levels through the roof!), vitamin deficiencies, hormone imbalances, hypo-thyroidism…

…. as he continued, I began to wonder if I should start planning my wake!

Thus begins my journey to regain a vitality that, only recently, I have begun to realize I never really had.

The good news?  I know it is never too late, at least until the embalmer gets his hands on you.  Until then, run like mad!!!  And stay tuned.

Goofy tired Pat
Even my fingernails are exhausted!

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