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How to find your island of peace?

What’s on my mind?  How to find an island of peace in this crazy scary world?    What does the future hold?  Will there even be a future????!

Here are 5 things you can do to float, paddle , sail or motor your way to paradise:

  1.  Meditate.  I didn’t say you have to be perfect, just give it a try!   There is so much research on the benefits of meditation, enough said.  You probably think you can’t do this, sit still, think no thoughts…. There’s a reason they call it a “practice”.  Don’t know how?  Just ask Mr. Google, and check my future blogs for ideas.
  2. Breathe.  Pink Floyd, Pearl Jam and Anna Nalick all sang about this, and we do it all the time without a thought.  Did you know you can manage your anger, stress, fatigue and fear just with your breath?   And, we can accomplish #1 above, meditation, just by observing how our breath feels.
  3. Move!  Our bodies were designed to move, and today’s world does everything to thwart nature.  My mentor, Brendon Burchard says to get up off our asses (my word, not his) and MOVE every 30-50 minutes.  Just take 2 minutes each hour to do focused movement and conscious breathing. Your alertness, productivity and enjoyment of your day will soar when you implement this simple practice!  And guess what?  You can combine #1 and #2 above with Movement – talk about killing birds with one stone…..
  4. Enjoy Nature.  Every day!  Its spring-time in the Northern Hemisphere, no excuses!  If you live in the city and there is no park in walking distance, find a street with trees, or flower boxes, even Kelly-green paint on the buildings (just kidding about that one).  There is a ton of scientific research about the health benefits of spending time with Mother Nature – even PICTURES of natural scenes have proven benefits for Pete’s sake!
  5. Change the Channel.  Better yet, turn it off.  The “bad news broadcasts” are addictive, stimulating adrenaline and making you feel…..well, it makes you feel something other than numb.  Listen to feel-good music, something with a beat that gets you…..moving.  Hmmm, where have I heard that?

Where to begin?  Start with #5, Turn it OFF, and head outside to do steps 1-4.    Ten to fifteen minutes – BOOM!  Done!  Next?

Now, What’s on YOUR mind?  Share your comments below, and if you liked this, please share it on Social Media (but don’t spend all day there, remember Steps 1-5 above!).


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